Why not just yoga? 

At Atma we are concerned not just with your yoga practice but with your overall health and wellness.

Yoga is just one piece of the puzzle that helps create a balanced being.

In an effort to improve all areas of your life, we have partnered with local fitness and health experts who share a common goal of helping you achieve a healthy and happy life!

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 Health & Wellness Packages

Wellness Package


✰ Two Personal Training  Sessions


✰ Bronze Yoga Membership


✰ One Personalized Holistic Nutrition Consultation

Wellness Package



✰ Four Personal Training  Sessions


✰ Silver Yoga Membership


✰ Two Personalized Holistic Nutrition Coaching Sessions

Wellness Package

✰ Six Personal Training  Sessions

✰ Gold Yoga Membership


✰ One Month Personalized Holistic Nutrition Coaching

✰ Complimentary Gift Bag

Details Below:


$199 ($125 savings) includes:

Yoga: Bronze Membership includes 4 yoga classes

Fitness: 2 strength & conditioning sessions with a Personal Trainer

Nutrition: 60 min. Personalized nutrition consultation



$359 ​($225 savings) includes:

Yoga: Silver membership includes 6 yoga classes

 Fitness: 4 strength & conditioning sessions with a Personal Trainer

 Nutrition: 60 min. Personalized nutrition consultation + 30 min. follow up coaching



$499 ​($350 savings) includes:

Yoga: Gold membership  includes unlimited yoga classes

Fitness: 6 strength & conditioning sessions with a Personal Trainer

Nutrition: 1 month of ongoing personalized nutrition coaching including meal plans, recipes,

guidelines and ongoing check-ins and recommendations to reach your health goals.

Bonus! Gifts from our team including Atma Yoga and Orinda Fitness swag!

Note: Our Introductory package can be purchased only once but our Integral and Premium packages are designed to

be completed monthly and can be purchased on an ongoing basis.

Your Specialized Health & Wellness Team

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Yoga has been proven to build flexibility, core strength, mental focus, relieve stress, and help one be more aware of their body. At Atma, however, we believe yoga and mindfulness is more than just a feeling or workout. It is a way of working on one’s self, while also strengthening the connection to our community and the world. Our practice will help guide you to feel more spiritually grounded and in control of the different areas of your life.

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Orinda Fitness offers a unique approach to personal training that incorporates a full-body workout while also challenging balance, coordination, reflexes, and aerobic capacity. We believe that everyone, regardless of age or ability level, can use athletic training techniques to improve overall health and fitness. We will help you reach your fitness goals by building a comprehensive fitness plan that details what you should be doing on a daily basis and continue to track your progression in a constantly evolving program.
Visit www.orindafitness.com for more info!

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Holistic Nutrition coaching includes a fully personalized nutrition consultation, meal plans, recipes, guidelines and recommendations to reach your health goals! Holistic refers to the integration of mind, body and spirit. Our in house nutrition expert, Delaney Puhek, brings balance to the whole body by guiding you through the right choice in foods, lifestyle, and mindfulness. Delaney will work with you to set up health goals while finding the motivation you need to choose a path of optimal nutrition for longevity and contentment.
Visit www.delaneypuhek.com for more info!