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Join our community for an unforgettable yoga retreat in the Mountains of Central Mexico! We will stay at a private oasis with luxury accommodations in the serenity of nature. Trust us, we scouted it out, this will not disappoint!

Our group will have our own dedicated chef, bartender, masseuse, activity leader and of course, our own amazing Atma yoga instructors! Come enjoy a week together and allow yourself to dive deeper into your practice while feeling rejuvenated to your core. 


Scroll down to read more about our two day cultural add-on experience in Mexico City. 


September 16-20​


  • Join us for 4 nights at the stunning Piedra Viva (Living Stone) Resort, reserved exclusively for Atma! 

  • Embark on a hand tailored multi-day yoga journey with movement and mediation.

  • Immerse in a group Temazcal Ceremonya traditional wellness activity to purify the mind & body.

  • Eat nourishing meals throughout the day, designed to highlight the vibrant local cuisine.

  • Sip fresh squeezed juices and smoothies during the day, imbibe in colorful hand crafted cocktails at night.

  • Carve out time to relax and recharge.

  • Encounter the landscape of Tepoztlán through nature hikes and daily excursions.

In the Mountains

In the City

September 20-22

Mexico City​

  • Yoga & Wellness offerings with Leve studioJivamukti, Breathwork, Ice Baths, and Sound Healing 

  • Guided cultural experiences: Food Tour, Mescal Tasting, Salsa Lessons

Why Retreat?

It's essential that we step away from our everyday experience to immerse ourselves in something new and different. This is how we grow. Travel can provide this but retreats go one step further. Retreats allow us to put a pause on our daily routines and the expectations others have for us to reflect on our own life. When we take time to look within we gain perspective, and encounter the clarity and the direction we have been seeking to prioritize what's most important to us.

If your heart strings are being tugged to go on a retreat, take the leap and dive in.  You are worthy of nurturing your dreams into tangible forms. You will undoubtedly walk away from the retreat feeling rested, inspired, and grounded.


Join us as we take this leap together! 

The Team

Lisa Pickup

Lisa is primed to lead this retreat experience. Not only does she love to travel, she is dedicated to challenging her students to use yoga as a means to flourish. Lisa invites you to let your hair down and treat yourself as she focuses on opening your heart and pushing you to new heights! 


Liz Graham

Liz is thrilled to cultivate community and connect to nature together tucked in the gorgeous Tepoztlán mountains of Mexico. She looks forward to exploring what it means to re-treat yourself, how we can connect to our true nature through yoga, and to adventure together!

Mary Patel

We are blessed to welcome Mary back after her move to Connecticut in 2022. Mary's ethos is based in compassion, connection, and community and she believes this retreat will be an opportunity to practice all three! Mary seeks to cultivate peace from the inside out, and she can't wait to use this retreat to empower participants to find support and nourishment within their everyday lives. 


Thea & Carlo Fiatarone

Since opening Atma in 2017, Carlo & Thea have dreamed of adding retreats to the studio's offerings. Atma's first retreat this Fall to St. Helena was a huge success and our community has asked for more! Carlo and Thea are excited to organize this trip and take the journey together!

Relaxation station

Piedra Viva (Living Stone) ilocated in the foothills of Tepozteco, with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain range. 

The resort is designed to be harmonious with nature. The rooms, pool and buildings are all built around the natural environment that was already there. This means you will be meandering by 100 year old trees, around large stones, and through indigenous fauna as you move from your room, to the pool, restaurant, spa, or yoga pavilion. The resort has a friendly, English speaking staff who will help you feel welcome, find calm and connect with nature.


Piedra Viva is located 2 hours south of the Mexico City Airport.


The entire resort will be reserved just for our group. Accommodations available:

6 Double Suites: 2 Queen Beds

20 Single Suites: 1 King Bed


Piedra Viva

Sept. 16-20

$2500 for your own room

$2200/person to share a room




Mexico City

Sept 20-22


Note: this is an optional add-on


Daily yoga, wellness sessions +
cultural experiences such as food tours, museum visit, mezcal tasting and salsa dancing!

Does not include:

Additional meals, drinks, and accommodations.

4 day yoga retreat, private accommodations, meals, excursions, ground transport, and all gratuities.


Does not include:

Flights (contact us for group travel info from SFO-MEX).

Alcoholic beverages and spa services are available for individual purchase. 

$925 Deposit due by June 1st

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